wang hai-jun

authentic mastery

master wang hai-jun

Master Wang Hai-Jun is a practitioner and teacher of Taijiquan at the very highest level. He was all China national champion for three successive years, from 1996 to 1998, before retiring from competition at the age of 26. Five of his students have also won Chinese national championships at the highest level in pushing hands. You can read a more detailed description of Master Wang's life and achievements in Taijiquan here.

You can view Master Wang Hai-Jun's website here

I have been a student of Master Wang since 2008. I am very grateful to him for the generosity and profound skill with which he teaches me. I continue to study with him as much as I can to deepen my own practice. 

single whip
single whip

Wang Hai-Jun performs classic Taijiquan posture

pushing hands
pushing hands

Ding Bu pushing hands routine

towards the light
towards the light

An image from the beautiful video of Master Wang

standing meditation
standing meditation

Wang Hai-Jun leads students in standing meditation at a summe camp


Wang Hai-Jun leads students in China

wang hai-jun london seminars


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