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3 types of jab

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

I made this video about a year ago, so it is somewhat outdated now as my understanding and application of the jab has progressed significantly over the last 12 months. Still it feels worthwhile to make make this blog post so as to show the progression of my journey.

Here I'm looking at three different types of jab. The first two are my understanding of two basic boxing jabs, the simple jab and the power jab. They include hip rotation connected to, and synchronized with, the arm extension.

The third one is what I would call a 'Chen Style body method jab'. It include all the elements of the first two, but also brings in Chen Style Taijiquan's unique use of the spine and surrounding soft tissue (muscle and fascia) to transfer and add to the kinetic energy of the strike.

What is also worth mentioning is that I have learned all the body mechanics for all of these from traditional Tai Chi training, which is primarily slow form practice. There are punches in the form, and I have practiced 'air punches' outside of form practice. But overall I would think that in the course of my training I've thrown only a tiny fraction of the number of punches a boxer would throw while learning to punch well and efficiently. And yet the outcome is (in my view) very good: loose, efficient, and powerful punches.

So it's a totally different way of learning to punch than what is I would think, not only the 'norm', but also assumed to be the only way to learn how to punch.

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