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personal experiences of chen taijiquan

Jashan offers a brilliant yet affordable class that has taken me from a beginner in June 2016, and transformed me into a capable Taiji student. I have experienced his teaching style to be effective for people of all experiences and capabilities. I put this down to Jashan's knowledge of Chen style tai chi - his own teacher is a Chen family lineage holder; his ability to correct form as well as to explain in useful ways/demonstrate.


Everyday life tends to put you in a box. Straight lines and right angles are everywhere. Taichi is my way of rediscovering the curves, spirals and cycles that are inherent in nature and, therefore, in ourselves. Chen-style taichi is especially good at getting to this aspect of our deeper nature. It uses wide, expansive circular movements, builds strength and flexibility and focuses the concentration as well as our physical energies. Jashan is sensitive to his students' needs at every level and has a wry and canny way of getting the best out of you. I had some experience before I started with him but it's obvious that absolute beginners can also benefit from his teaching. His classes are a perfect foundation for the solo practice that's really essential to getting the best out of this art.


I started in September and have really enjoyed Boundless Sky Tai Chi - the moving meditation is excellent, my joints feel stronger and more flexible, my elbow tendinitis has gone. Jashan takes us step by step through the Form in an open, accessible manner while gently bringing to us the inherent wisdom of Tai Chi movements.


I recently started Chen style Tai Chi with Jashan, since I’ve been loving it, a nice combination between exercise and meditation, the class is nice and smooth and Jashan helps you out a lot. I would recommend anyone that wants a nice exercise and some peace in mind to give it a try.


Great Tai Chi classes, suitable for beginners and advance level, very friendly environment, Jashan the tutor is simply just amazing!


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